Frequently Asked Questions

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Live-in care
What is Live-in care?
Who is Live-in care for?
How does live-in care work?
How does live-in care compare to residential care? (Care homes)
Do I get any choice in the selection of my live-in carer?
I need live-in support but I have a family living at home too.
How will live-in care affect my children?

Visiting Care
What is visiting care?
Will my visiting carer help around the house?
What type of support will my visiting carer be able to provide?
Will my carer be able to support me in looking after my pets?
How often will my visiting carer visit me?
How long will my visiting carer stay for?
Will I always have the same carer?
Costs and Funding
Do I pay the carer directly?
How much does live-in care cost?
How much does hourly visiting care cost?
Is there any funding available to meet some of the costs of care?
Are there any hidden costs to your live-in care service?

What conditions do you support? (stroke, dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons)
Why should I choose Pulse8+ Care?
Do you provide care through the night?
What locations do you operate in? Warwickshire, Worcestershire etc????
Does Pulse8+ Care support young people requiring care as well as the elderly?
Do Pulse8+ Care provide respite care?
I’m not sure how much help I’ll need. Will I retain my independance?
What if I’m unhappy with the care I’m receiving?
How do I contact Pulse8+ Care?
I’m interested in becoming a carer. How do I find out about vacancies at Pulse8+ Care?
Do I have to be an experienced carer to work for Pulse8+ Care?
What training have your carers received?
How do Pulse8+ Care ensure the standard of care is consistent and high quality?
I want my loved one to retain his/her dignity and independence. Can this be achieved?
I’ve been receiving visiting care but I want to change to live-in care. Is this possible?
I’m not sure if I need a carer or not. Is there someone I can talk to?
Is care all year round? Are they any days when I wont get a visit from my carer?
Are your carers medically trained?
What happens if my carer is unwell or takes a holiday?