Client Testimonials

We take great pride in the care we provide and it’s always very satisfying to know that it’s appreciated and makes a difference to people’s lives.
Many of our customers and their families have written to us to express their gratitude and we’re delighted to be able to share their comments with you.
“I felt that I had to write to you to thank you for the care and compassion which your employees showed to my late husband Robert, and our family.
For several weeks carers came into our home 4 times a day to attend to my husbands personal needs. He died on 14th April, at home, and your carers made it possible for us to keep him at home.
Without exception, your staff were courteous and professional. They treated my husband with kindness and maintained his dignity. In particular, Dave and Marie went out of their way to help us all through this very difficult period and their skills are very much appreciated, please thank them on our behalf”
Mrs Poole
“I cannot put into words my appreciation for all the Carers and night sitters that visited my Mother during the final stages of her life.The professionalism and the care, your team gave my Mother and myself was outstanding. I am lost in admiration for all that they did. I felt so supported throughout that week”
“We would like to send our sincere thanks to all your staff. The kindness and dedication they showed Dad was truly wonderful. Everyone of them held a special place with Dad. They became part of our family for 10 weeks and we will not forget their kindness. Many thanks”
Diane, Ruth and Louise
“Dear Sam, we just wanted to give you a small gift to show our appreciation for your support for us and Dad over the last two weeks. Thanks again for all your help”
Greg, Yvonne and Roger
“I have only heard of you from my late sister in law but I do want to thank you very much for all you did to facilitate her care in her last few months. The lovely roses you bought for her last week are still beautiful and remained in the kitchen with her during her last few days and nights and are still there adding to the atmosphere of peace and calm. It was very kind of you to give here these flowers (you knew she loved flowers!!) Please can you pass this letter which I enclose to Angela (her main carer) With best wishes and many thank for providing the care for Judy”
“My family and I want to wish Pulse 8 the very best for the future. We couldn’t have given my Mum the care without you all. Thank you very much for taking good care of Mum. Me and my sister and three brothers and all our family wish to thank you and Natalie and Caroline for all your help and support”
Debbie and Gary
“Wendy, thank you so much for all your help with supporting this gentleman’s discharge. Your team was mentioned during the tribute section of the funeral as well as on the order of service”
St Mary and All Saints Church
“Can we please pass on that Maria was an excellent and professional carer and her help and support was very much valued by our mother and the rest of the family. The care and support shown to all the family by Maria from your agency was second to none. If all your staff are of the same quality we know you as a company will grow and prosper. We wish you all success and have given references to the District Nurse/Doctors from New Road Surgery as to the competence of your agency and staff”
Margaret M
“To all the staff at Pulse 8, we would like to express our thanks to everyone who helped to look after Bill with such kindness, cheerfulness and care during his illness. It made such a difference to him and to us at very difficult times”
“A very sincere thank you for the excellent service all your carers provided. It was extemely important to Betty’s family that she spend the final days of her life at home and your carers service allowed this to happen. An extra thank you from me to the morning carers who not only did their duty and gave support but they also became listening friends for me at a time I felt quite isolated. The evening younger carers showed a great deal of respect and were very nice to talk to. Added value was the communication sheet that was left as this allowed the family to read for themselves what could be expected from the service being provided because when placed in a stressful situation verbal dialogue can sometimes be missed or not remembered”
Pauline C
“Dear Pulse 8 Carers, Sam, Harriet and Amy, we appreciate the care you gave to Elizabeth over the last few months. I am sure it was not easy at times. However you enabled us to fulfill her wish to stay in her own home. In the end her passing was peaceful. With our grateful thanks and on behalf of Elizabeth”
Jeff and Janet
“Dear Pulse 8, a very sincere thank you for your kindness, support and dedicated care you gave to my Auntie. It was important to my Auntie and us as a family that she remained at home during the final days of her life. Your care service helped us to achieve this. Once more, thank you and kind regards”
C Shepphard
“Just a short note to say thank you for providing two lovely ladies to be my husband’s carers. John really liked Marina and Jayne very much and for a man who could be a bit difficult it was great to see them getting on. It certainly helped him through his last days. Also thank you for your nice card”
“Dear Sir, My wife Anne was nursed at home for the last few weeks of her life by your team of carers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all and congratulate you on having such a wonderful team (particularly Natalie and Caroline) who made Anne’s last few weeks so comfortable. The were always so bright and cheerful yet maintained high professional standards. Anne was a nurse most of her life and appreciated when nursing was done properly. Once again, thank you all”
David H
“Dear friends, what can I say you have been amazing giving Dad the best care with dignity I have known. I have to mention Mark as Dad bonded with him as a man. So please pass on our thanks. The girls were so gentle and kind respecting Dad’s privacy all the time. For our family their daily visits were a great comfort to us all. We couldn’t have coped without the love and support they gave to not only Mum but all of the family. Thank you all”
Anne and family
“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all the care and attention you and your staff gave to Mom in her final years. It was a huge help to me to know that Mom greatly appreciated the assistance to enable her to continue to live in the comfort of her own home with as much dignity as is possible in these circumstances. So many carers deserve our heartfelt gratitude, and apologies to any whose names I forget to mention but particular praise should go to Ruth and Marisa who brightend up the evenings, to Marie, to Nicky who attended to Mom on her last few mornings at home and not of course forgetting Caroline. Once again, thank you for all that you did for her. It is truly appreciated”
Tim C, Birmingham
“Thank you for your excellent kindness and care of our Mum”
Kate and Daniel
“Thank you to all the support staff and carers who ensured that our father had a peaceful and dignified death. God Bless you all”
Beryl, David, Bob, Paul and Mark
“As you are aware Deidre passed away this morning and we, her family, would like to express our deep gratitude to your team for the wonderful care you extended to Deidre. We really felt no more could have been offered by way of care and attention both by medical and support staff. Without exception everyone treated Deidre with compassion and consideration never appearing hurried and always with patience. Our very great thanks”
“From 4th to 15th April your company provided care services to my Wife. I am writing on behalf of my two daughters and myself to express our gratitude for the services your team provided in the last 2 weeks of my Wife’s life. We would not have managed without the cheerful care provided by your staff. Knowing that they would soon visit took away much of our anxiety and stress and helped us to cope in difficult circumstances.
I hope you will pass on to them our heartfelt thanks for everything the team did.
We had more contact with one member of your team than any others because she did much of the overnight sitting. I don’t know her surname but her first name is Natalie. I would be very grateful if you could pass on the enclosed thank you card to her.”
Mr Drewitt
“Special thanks also should go to our night sitter Donna for most of the three months. Especially for sitting with me on the fateful morning when Anne passed away. Her comforting manner was a great help to me. I miss hearing the drone of voices in the early morning as Anne woke up and she and Donna has ‘a chat’ Thank you too for the office staff who kept me informed of the rota for carers and sitter. It was good to know in advance who was coming to our house. With my sincere thanks for a job well done”
“Mom and I were extremely grateful for your caring and highly professional work. Mom is doing very well in her nursing home now and has settled well. She is even going to the dining room for lunch. We have, in the past, experienced other care services that caused a health risk, not turning up one day and certainly not caring. Your team have restored our faith in what we believe is an emergency service. I cannot thank you all enough and will strongly recommend Pulse8+ Care as the best care service”
Rita and Marilyn
“I must tell you how helpful your carers are. My husband is a very proud man and to be so suddenly stuck down has been very hard for him. He accepts help for my sake not his own but your carers have won him over. He is able to accept the aid he needs without loss of dignity. We’re very grateful for your service – long may it continue”
“Thank you so much to you and your team for all the care given to Mum. You are very kind and you were so helpful and reassuring when you came to see me it was like a big weight was lifted. You dealt with any problems quickly and efficiently. Thank you”
“For all the carers who looked after Margaret, the family would like to thank the team that looked after Mum, without your help and kindness she couldn’t come home. You girls are worth your weight in gold and we can’t thank you enough. A big thank you for your support and help in our hours of need”
June and Ray, Clare and Craig, Mandy and Anthony, Louise and Sam
“I know that in recent times some carers have been given a hard time in the press for their apparent lack of respect for their elderly patients but I would just like to pass on my grateful thanks for the wonderful way your carers looked after my Dad during the few days before he died. All the carers who visited were very gentle with him and always treated him with great dignity and cheerfulness, explaining to him exactly what they were doing even when he was apparently not aware of anything. They also kept us up to date with all that they were doing and anything about Dad that concerned them. It certainly helped us to deal with Dad’s death knowing that he was so well cared for in his last days. So, please do pass on our thanks to all those carers who visited him”
S Powell
“Dear Wendy and all your lovely ladies, a huge thank you to you all for your care and help in looking after Jack, you were invaluable. Particular thanks must go to Caroline and Sue who were our regulars. Jack is now in residential care and seems very comfortable so we will see how things progress”
Janet and Derek
“My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for the help and comfort we have had over the last two weeks and for your card. Thank you”
A Lloyd
“To Everyone at Pulse 8, many thanks to you all for your caring and support. You always greeted us all with a smile”
J Garfield and family
“As you will be aware my Wife passed away peacefully last Saturday. As sad a time as it is for us I didn’t want to forget to write to express my heartfelt thanks for the organised and professional care that Pulse 8 Care have provided over the last 3 months or so. Your carers brought so much cheer into her life at a time that was quite devastating for us. They have worked with so much pride, care and capability and shared a bit of their lives with us at a time when we have been so isolated from the outside world. I would like to say a special thank you to Caroline. She greatly enjoys what she does and does it well and is proud to be working for Pulse 8. Always with a smile and always willing to do more if it would be helpful. In saying this I am not demeaning your other carers, who without exception have been wonderful. Also it was very reassuring to know that the carers had the support of Wendy with her very obvious nursing ability. I wish you all continued success in providing the level of care that make so much difference to the lives of people in the saddest of circumstances. Bless you all”
L Owen
“I would like you to know that the care which Sue, in particular, gave was excellent and kept Margaret in comfort and dignity to the end”
“To everyone at Pulse8 who helped to make my Dad Victor’s remaining days in this world as comfortable and pain free as possible. We thank you with all our hearts.
We decided a long time ago that only the closest family would attend the burial when one of us died so we are very sorry not to be able to invite any of our carers but we shall never forget you as long as we live”
Stephen and Joan
“To all the Staff at Pulse 8 Care, Thank you for your help with Jean when it was needed”
Shirley and Stewart
“I would like to thank all the carers who looked after my mother. They all looked after my Mum with real good care and respected her dignity at all times. This was much appreciated by the family. Thank you”
Brian and family
“Without their input life would have been so much more difficult for both of us. Each of the carers were very good in both their manner and performance of their responsbilities. Sam was the one my wife most looked forward to being in attendance. Her attitude to the patient was excellent and the care and sympathy in her approach to each little part of the treatment she performed was appreciated so much by my wife. Sam’s presence brightened up her otherwise humdrum day, please give her my grateful thanks”
“Dear Wendy and all your team, with all our sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful love and care you gave Jill”
Phil, Jo and Chris
“Without exception your carers were helpful, friendly and kind. Thank you”
“To All Staff, thank you all for the care and support you gave to our Mum in her final days. Your care made it possible for her to stay at home as she wanted.
Thanks again”
Louise and Erica
“Dear Wendy, thank you very much for the promptness with which Roy received his care. Would you please pass the enclosed cards on and thank the other carers who came over the weeks.
Roy received the best of care and so did I”
Pam C
“To All The Staff, To the best team ever I send my thanks for the help and kindness you showed to David and me in his last days at home. Keeping us both cheerful at a difficult time. Many thanks and bless you all”
“To Pulse 8 Management, Thanks for providing my Mother with a wonderful team of carers in the last weeks of her life. They were polite, caring and very professional and nothing was too much trouble for them. My Mother thought the world of them. Could you please pass on my sentiments to your caring staff. With kindest regards”
Sue, Jimmy and family
“My family and myself want to thank especially the carers who looked after my Mum for the last two weeks of her life. They made her feel that she was the most special person they looked after and she maintained her dignity throughout. I know that without them I would have found it more difficult to cope because they all had such empathy. If it could be passed on to all who came to see her including Emma who sat for two nights so as I could get some sleep. A big thank you from me”
Sandra and family
“Thank you for all your help and care you gave Jack. It was so lovely to have such lovely caring people in our home”
Adam, Anita and family
“I would like to say thank you to all of those of you who helped me to take care of Jane during the last months of her life here. I felt very well supported, as her principal carer at home, by your staff. In particular I am grateful to Diane and Marissa who did an outstanding job of looking after Jane. They both had the ability to see exactly what Jane needed and to meet those needs. I don’t think I will ever forget the way they sat so quietly and caringly with her in the last few days of her life. They always came in cheerfully and Jane really liked positive, cheery people round her. Thank you so much”
Natasha, Worcestershire
“I want to say a huge thank you to you, especially the carers who took care of my beautiful wife Jane during the last few weeks of her life. Jane was very appreciative of your care and attention and said so when she was able. I am also very appreciative. We both look on you as ‘angels’. You were always professional and took any changes in Jane’s care in your stride. You had advice for us and never failed to point out anything that needed looking at or passing on. Our family and I are particularly grateful to Andrew and Jess who turned up to attend to Jane literally at the moment of her passing. Their reaction was heart warming and we are so very appreciative of how Jane was looked after by them. Thank you so much, you were wonderful “
Steve, Redditch
“Thank you so much for the wonderful support that you gave us when we were caring for my husband Phil during the last few weeks. All the carers were lovely – sympathetic, caring and very professional in all they did. It helped make life easier for us. It was lovely being able to care for him at home and the end was peaceful. Many thanks again”
“Your carers brought so much cheer into our lives at a time that was quite devastating for us. They worked with so much pride, care and capability and shared a bit of their lives with us at a time when we had been so isolated from the outside world. Caroline was always smiling and willing to do more if it would be helpful. I wish you all continued success in providing the level of care that makes so much difference to the lives of people in the saddest of circumstances. Bless you all”
“Your staff came day and night in the most awful snow conditions. They always came and never cancelled. Times were flexible to suit our needs. This dedication was very impressive. Your staff were outstanding in their level of care, love and attention to our Mum and also paid a lot of attention to our needs as carers of Mum too. They were calm, friendly, sensitive to all our needs but also and very importantly a lot of fun. Mum always had a smile for them”
“We would like to send our sincere thanks to all your staff. The kindness and dedication they showed Dad was truly wonderful. Everyone of them held a special place with Dad. They became part of our family for 10 weeks and we will not forget their kindness. Many thanks”
“I am writing to let you know what two exceptional carers you have in Marissa and Diane. Both are efficient and conscientious. Marissa always has a smile on her face. They work very well together. The timing of arrival and departure of them both suits my situation well and they are always reliable. All your carers so far have been pleasant and caring. I do hope Marissa and Diane’s visits will continue because they really do suit my situation. Having come from a huge corporate industry myself I do appreciate the importance of good teamwork. Having met several of your carers now, especially Ruth, I am grateful for the well organised, professional work they do”
Jane R, Bromsgrove
“I would like to thank you as a company and also the carers that came to attend to my husband during the last two weeks of his life. All the carers were compassionate, understanding, caring and had a sense of humour. My husband loved the banter that he had with them. If you could thank them on my behalf I would be very grateful”
“To all the carers at Pulse 8, I would like to thank you for all the care and kindness you showed in looking after my Mother Dorothea who died peacefully in her sleep in the the early hours of Friday morning”
Chris G
“Dear Wendy, Again, thank you for your help over the last months. Please pass on my good wishes to the girls who were so kind and caring for Antony. Of course I will contact you again if I should need help in the future”
Joan W
“Thank you all so much for taking such great care of Dad. You were all so kind and caring and I know Dad really appreciated what you did to help him and us daughters. We got to know you all so well. Lots of love and thanks”
“To all the carers who cared so lovingly for our Dad. We will be eternally grateful for the kindness and quality of care that you delivered to Dad during his illness. A really big thank you seems inadequate to say to all the wonderful carers who looked after Dad everyday, always a smile and a gentle touch. We got to know each other so well and became part of the family. The love and care you showed was amazing. Thank you and god bless you all”
“I would like to thank all the carers who looked after my Mother. They were all very kind and respectful and treated Mum with dignity right until the very end. We would not have been able to keep Mum at home if it wasn’t for your help. Special thanks to Sam, Amy, Harriet, Emma, Nan and Heidi and once again my brother Steve and myself would like to say thank you all”
Alison N
“Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my father, my sister and myself for the wonderful level of help, understanding and care all the carers gave to my mother is the last few weeks of her life”
Julie D
“Just wanted to write to you to say how wonderfully my Mother was looked after by Ruth during her last few days. We felt Ruth treated Mum as if she was a member of her own family – just how it should be. Her care and dedication should be recognised. Sincere thanks”
Liz and Sue
“I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful level of care given to my late mother. In particular I would like to thank Ruth, Fiona and Morissa. These 3 young ladies not only provided an excellent level of care but also bought some warmth and humour to Mum and also to myself. Please pass on my appreciation. Thank you again”
“I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at Pulse 8. The staff that came into our home were always smiling and Lynn responded to the girls with some sort of wind up so it was good to hear a laugh from the room from all of them. Lynn was a quiet private lady but Fiona, Ruth and Marissa soon made Lynn feel comfortable with them because of their very professional and friendly mannerisms. The girls also had a very friendly and caring attitude toward me as some days life got a little difficult. It was good to know there was someone there that had the experience and genuinely cared for Lynn and myself during the couple of months we had as friends and carers. So once again a big thank you to you all”
Alan, Matt, Claire and all the family
“Thank you to everyone who knew my Mum and for showing such kindness, care and respect towards her. I know how much this meant to her”
“Dear Pulse 8 Team, On behalf of my family I would like to say a massive thank you to your team of carers for their care and compassion in looking after my precious father in the last 3 weeks of his life. The team, 2 ladies in particular, treated him as if he was their own father which meant so much to us. He was treated with love and respect and he was able to keep his dignity and most of all with your help we were able to keep him at home until he died which was his wish. We are very grateful for the kindness and thoughtfullness shown to us the family at such a difficult time too. So again I would like to say thank you for the great job you all do”
J Whittaker
“Mum and I were extremely grateful to you for being so caring and highly professional in your work. Mum is doing very well in Rashwood Nursing Home and settled. She is even going into the dining room for lunch. In fact yesterday she was playing bowls in the lounge and chatting up Albert who is there just for respite. I nearly went out to buy a hat! We have in the past experienced other care services that caused a health risk, not turning up one day and certainly not caring. Your team have restored our faith in what I believe is an emergency service. I cannot thank you all enough and will strongly recommend Pulse 8 as the best care service”
Rita and Marilyn
“To the day carers and night attendants, I am so sorry for the delay in sending this thank you note. We had another bereavement and work and other things got in the way. Please accept our thanks and gratitude in taking care of David. Everyone who came to our house was caring and kind. Nothing was too much for them in looking after David. They also took time out to explain things to us and what to expect and this helped us in caring for David. Thank you from myself and David’s family and friends”
“We would like to thank you for all the care, consideration and kindness you gave to Doug during the last few weeks of his life. Special mention must go to Andrew, Jessie and Tayla who came most often and always went the extra mile to make him feel as comfortable as possible. They always ensured that Doug’s wishes and needs were met sensitively and thoughtfully. Our thanks must also go to the night sitters Sarah, Shirley and Trish for the care they showed. Doug was loved greatly by his family and friends and we are very grateful to you all”
Marjorie, Beverley and Wendy
“I just need to write to say thank you for all the help you have given us (although only a short time) to myself, my dad Dave, and my sister. The dedication and care that you showed to my mum in her last few days with us were exceptional. 4 times a day and each night, every single one of your who came to the house, came with a smile. We can not thank you enough”
“To the kind carers of Pat. Emma (“with the pretty eyes”) and Elaine, Marie and Sophie, Naomi, Lilly, Natalie, Shelly and all the others not mentioned. Thank you to everyone for the kindness and caring shown to my Mum. We are so grateful for all that you did”
Alison and Arthur
“Thank you so much to all the girls at Pulse 8 Care for all the love and care given to Pete over his last year. Without you I don’t know how we would have managed. He loved you all. All the best. Continue your good work”
“To All at Pulse 8, The family cannot thank you enough for how Bob was cared for. Without you coming in it would not have been possible. Anyone who uses your care services can be sure they are getting the very best from a team that really care. Many many thanks”