Staff Testimonials

Here are some comments and testimonials from our employees about working for Pulse 8 Care Bromsgrove.
“Absolutely amazing company to work for. Hours are absolutely great, more than enough work given. Support from the company is wonderful and any issues are resolved on point and professionally. All co-workers are great to work with, with a great sense of humour and incredible at helping out.
Couldn’t be happier to work for this company, would recommend it to anyone.”
Kai M
“Absolutely fantastic place to work. Always look forward to every run that I’m offered.”
Alex M
“Love my job with Pulse8 I’ve been there for many years…”
Nicky B
“I absolutely love working for Pulse 8, been with them 5 years now. Very flexible hours, travel time paid and same run every day.”
Marie S
“I have been working for Pulse 8 for 15 months now. I work alongside great carers who are very kind, caring, dedicated and professional. The management are always on hand for support and advice. A great team to work for.”
Nicky H
“A great company to work for. I was at Pulse8+Ltd for over a year; I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from the experience. All the staff are really friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend working at Pulse8+Ltd!”
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“I have been with Pulse8 for 2 months and have found the job very rewarding. The management have been very organised giving the weekly rota as well as feeding back how the service users have found the care provided to them.”
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“I have been working for Pulse 8 for 5yrs now and I absolutely love my job and the company. I managed to get an NVQ Level 3 which the company put me in for, and there is always extra training courses available to us. I am always given the shifts I ask for and I have the same service users everyday. Management are helpful and always there if we need advice. We also get paid travel time which is an added bonus.”
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“Fantastic company to work for, always put their patients and their needs first. I have worked for Pulse8+ for just over 6 months now and I really do love working and caring for others. I like the interaction we have with our patients and being able to get to know the patient who we are looking after. The company do revolve around the 6C’s: Care, Compassion, Courage, Communication, Commitment and Competence. All those are adhered to when working for Pulse8+. The care that is given to those who are at the end of their lives is so dignified and respectful, always allowing the patients family know what the situation is. It also applies to those who need the care because they are not able to carry out day to day tasks, patient centred care is always at the heart of Pulse8+. The care which is shown from the care assistants is so great and nothing is too great or too small. You will get the upmost passionate, loving and caring people come to help and assist you if you need a package of care. This company truly is a pleasure to work for.”
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“Best care company I’ve worked for. Great staff, well trained and the management are brilliant, always there when you need them. I love working for Pulse 8, a great caring team. Plenty of training if you have never worked in care.”
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“I have worked for Pulse 8 for about 6 months. I have regular shifts and I’m able to take time off when I want. The most enjoyable part of my job is visiting the same service users. I am now doing my NVQ in health and social care.”
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“I’ve worked at Pulse 8+ for a good few years now and find that I get regular work. The staff, including office staff are all really friendly and easy to talk to. The pay is good and I have regular service users. I would recommend them to work with as I really enjoy my job.”
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“I’m a new carer with Pulse8 and I couldn’t enjoy it any more. Loved it from the start and have learned so much already. The training period was great fun and wonderfully informative and interactive and the staff are amazing to work with, helping me grow as I progress in the Job. The job is extremely flexible and the staff are great at helping you get the right hours needed. I look forward to working further with the company and growing even more so.”
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